Uses of Class

Uses of ASIODriverInfo in com.groovemanager.spi.asio

Fields in com.groovemanager.spi.asio declared as ASIODriverInfo
private static ASIODriverInfo ASIOMixerProvider.asioDriverInfo
          ASIODriverInfo of the currently loaded Mixer if any
private  ASIODriverInfo ASIOMixer.driverInfo
          The ASIODriverInfo of the ASIO driver represented by this Mixer

Methods in com.groovemanager.spi.asio that return ASIODriverInfo
(package private) static ASIODriverInfo ASIOStaticFunctions.ASIOInit()
          Wrapper for ASIOInit()
(package private) static ASIODriverInfo ASIOMixerProvider.getDriverInfo()
          Get the ASIODriverInfo of the currently loaded driver if any.

Methods in com.groovemanager.spi.asio with parameters of type ASIODriverInfo
(package private)  void ASIOMixer.setDriverInfo(ASIODriverInfo driverInfo)
          Set the driver info of this ASIOMixer instance.