Uses of Class

Uses of ASIOLineInfo in com.groovemanager.spi.asio

Fields in com.groovemanager.spi.asio declared as ASIOLineInfo
private  ASIOLineInfo
          THE ASIOLineInfo object corresponding to this line
private  ASIOLineInfo[] ASIOMixer.sourceInfo
          The info objects for getSourceLineInfo()
private  ASIOLineInfo[] ASIOMixer.targetInfo
          The info objects for getTargetLineInfo()

Methods in com.groovemanager.spi.asio that return ASIOLineInfo
 ASIOLineInfo ASIODataLine.getLineInfo()
 ASIOLineInfo[] ASIOMixer.getSourceLineInfo()
          Returns one ASIOLineInfo object for each mono output channel of this device.
 ASIOLineInfo[] ASIOMixer.getTargetLineInfo()
          Returns one ASIOLineInfo object for each mono input channel of this device.

Constructors in com.groovemanager.spi.asio with parameters of type ASIOLineInfo
ASIODataLine(ASIOMixer mixer, ASIOLineInfo info)