Uses of Interface

Uses of ASIOListener in com.groovemanager.spi.asio

Classes in com.groovemanager.spi.asio that implement ASIOListener
 class ASIOMixer
          An ASIOMixer represents an ASIO driver

Fields in com.groovemanager.spi.asio with type parameters of type ASIOListener
private static ArrayList<ASIOListener> ASIOMixerProvider.asioListeners
          List of all registered ASIOListeners
private  ArrayList<ASIOListener> ASIOMixer.asioListeners
          List of ASIOListeners

Methods in com.groovemanager.spi.asio with parameters of type ASIOListener
 void ASIOMixerProvider.addASIOListener(ASIOListener listener)
          Register an ASIOListener that will be notified of callbacks from any ASIOMixer
 void ASIOMixer.addASIOListener(ASIOListener listener)
          Adds an ASIOListener that will be notified of callbacks from this ASIO driver
 void ASIOMixerProvider.removeASIOListener(ASIOListener listener)
          Removes a registered ASIOListener
 void ASIOMixer.removeASIOListener(ASIOListener listener)
          Removes a registeres ASIOListener