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Uses of ASIOMixer in com.groovemanager.spi.asio

Fields in com.groovemanager.spi.asio declared as ASIOMixer
private static ASIOMixer ASIOMixerProvider.activeMixer
          The currently loaded ASIO driver if any
private  ASIOMixer ASIOLineInfo.mixer
          The ASIOMixer to which the line belongs.
private  ASIOMixer ASIODataLine.mixer
          The ASIOMixer instance which created this line

Fields in com.groovemanager.spi.asio with type parameters of type ASIOMixer
private static HashMap<String,ASIOMixer> ASIOMixerProvider.mixerPool
          The pool of Mixers.

Methods in com.groovemanager.spi.asio that return ASIOMixer
(package private) static ASIOMixer ASIOMixerProvider.getActiveMixer()
          Get the currently loaded ASIOMixer if any
(package private)  ASIOMixer ASIOLineInfo.getMixer()
          Get the ASIOMixer related to this info´s line
(package private)  ASIOMixer ASIODataLine.getMixer()
          Get the ASIOMixer to which this Line belongs
 ASIOMixer ASIOMixerProvider.getMixer(Mixer.Info info)

Methods in com.groovemanager.spi.asio with parameters of type ASIOMixer
(package private) static void ASIOMixerProvider.ASIOExit(ASIOMixer mixer, long seq)
          Exit this driver
(package private) static long ASIOMixerProvider.ASIOInit(ASIOMixer mixer)
          Initialize and load an ASIO driver if needed
private static boolean ASIOMixerProvider.ASIOLoad(ASIOMixer mixer)
          Try to load an ASIO driver if needed
(package private) static long ASIOMixerProvider.ASIOPrepare(ASIOMixer mixer, ASIOBufferInfo[] infos, int buffersize)
          Prepare, initialize and load an ASIO driver if needed
(package private) static long ASIOMixerProvider.ASIOStart(ASIOMixer mixer, ASIOBufferInfo[] infos, int buffersize)
          Start, prepare, init and load an ASIO driver if needed
(package private) static boolean ASIOMixerProvider.ASIOStop(ASIOMixer mixer)
          Stop an ASIO driver if needed
private static void ASIOMixerProvider.ASIOUnLoad(ASIOMixer mixer)
          Unload an ASIO driver
(package private) static boolean ASIOMixerProvider.ASIOUnPrepare(ASIOMixer mixer)
          Dispose buffers and Stop the driver if needed
 boolean ASIOMixer.bufferSizeChanged(ASIOMixer mixer, int newSize)
 boolean ASIOListener.bufferSizeChanged(ASIOMixer mixer, int newSize)
          Indicates that the preferred buffer size of the driver has changed.
 boolean ASIOMixer.latenciesChanged(ASIOMixer mixer)
 boolean ASIOListener.latenciesChanged(ASIOMixer mixer)
          Indicates that the input - and/or output-latencies have changed.
private static void ASIOMixerProvider.resetRequest(ASIOMixer mixer)
 void ASIOMixer.resetRequest(ASIOMixer mixer)
 void ASIOListener.resetRequest(ASIOMixer mixer)
          Is called when the driver needs a reset.
 boolean ASIOMixer.resyncRequest(ASIOMixer mixer)
 boolean ASIOListener.resyncRequest(ASIOMixer mixer)
          Indicates that the driver has lost its sync because of some reason and needs resyncing (usually stop and restart)
 void ASIOMixer.sampleRateChanged(ASIOMixer mixer, double newRate)
 void ASIOListener.sampleRateChanged(ASIOMixer mixer, double newRate)
          Indicates that the sample rate has changed.

Constructors in com.groovemanager.spi.asio with parameters of type ASIOMixer
ASIODataLine(ASIOMixer mixer, ASIOLineInfo info)
ASIOLineInfo(ASIOMixer mixer, ASIOChannelInfo cInfo, AudioFormat[] formats, int minSize, int maxSize)
          Constructs a new ASIOLineInfo object