Uses of Class

Uses of DoubleHalfBuffer in com.groovemanager.spi.asio

Fields in com.groovemanager.spi.asio declared as DoubleHalfBuffer
private  DoubleHalfBuffer DoubleHalfRingBuffer.readBuffer
          A view to the source buffer used for reading
private  DoubleHalfBuffer DoubleHalfRingBuffer.writeBuffer
          A view to the source buffer used for reading

Methods in com.groovemanager.spi.asio that return DoubleHalfBuffer
 DoubleHalfBuffer DoubleHalfBuffer.asReadOnlyBuffer()
          Creates a new, read-only buffer that shares this buffer's content.
 DoubleHalfBuffer DoubleHalfBuffer.clear()
          Clear this buffer by resetting its position to zero and its limit to its capacity.
 DoubleHalfBuffer DoubleHalfBuffer.duplicate()
          Creates a new buffer that shares this buffer's content.
 DoubleHalfBuffer DoubleHalfBuffer.flip()
          Flips this buffer.
 DoubleHalfBuffer DoubleHalfBuffer.get(byte[] dst)
          Relative bulk get method.
 DoubleHalfBuffer DoubleHalfBuffer.get(byte[] dst, int offset, int length)
          Relative bulk get method.
 DoubleHalfBuffer DoubleHalfBuffer.limit(int limit)
          Set this buffer´s limit
 DoubleHalfBuffer DoubleHalfBuffer.position(int pos)
          Set this buffer´s position
 DoubleHalfBuffer DoubleHalfBuffer.put(byte value)
          Relative put method.
 DoubleHalfBuffer DoubleHalfBuffer.put(byte[] src)
          Relative bulk put method.
 DoubleHalfBuffer DoubleHalfBuffer.put(byte[] src, int offset, int length)
          Relative bulk put method.
 DoubleHalfBuffer DoubleHalfBuffer.put(int position, byte value)
          Absolute put method.
 DoubleHalfBuffer DoubleHalfBuffer.rewind()
          Set this buffer´s position to zero
 DoubleHalfBuffer DoubleHalfBuffer.slice()
          Creates a new buffer whose content is a shared subsequence of this buffer's content.

Constructors in com.groovemanager.spi.asio with parameters of type DoubleHalfBuffer
DoubleHalfRingBuffer(DoubleHalfBuffer buffer, int granularity)
          Construct a new DoubleHalfRingBuffer out of the given buffer